Hello fellow woodpeckers ! Time to dig some holes in the poles.

Nowadays, people are way too much enthusiastic about woodshop project ideas and why shouldn't they be ? Why should you look for wood project that sell when you can make one of your own ? In my early days I used to work on small wood projects in my basement with a rustic saw and some crazy ideas. And believe it or not, those ideas looked stupid but somehow most of them helped me out to renovate my home. I really freaked my parents out with a surprising huge wooden umbrella on our rooftop. It still looks pretty decently awesome.

And this kind of works really fuels your engine. You don't need do work 24/7 to create something unique, something of your own. If you are working on a project with pallets, the leftover scrap wood can also come handy in your future works. Suppose you were working on a quick wood project with pallet wood bench. What you gonna do after giving the final touch to your project ? Just throw the scrap woods away for good ?
Of course not. You can Make cool things outta them too.

Today, I arranged some cool woodworking projects for the crazy DIY seekers like you. Hope it'll help you to decorate your surroundings like you always wanted to.


1. Epoxy River Table with Waterfall

The best epoxy resin project I've ever seen. And this can be easily done by simple and standard woodworking tools. The metal base gives it a pretty solid look and the ground to stand on. Make sure to cut and join the waterfall edge perfectly to maintain the constant falling effect. So, time to pick up your tools and let them do the talk.

Epoxy River Table with Waterfall

Required Tools -

  • Miter saw
  • Circular saw
  • Table saw
  • Grinder
  • Welder

DIY Instructions - Fix This Build That

2. Spectacular Log Floor Lamp

I always had a soft corner for lamps, specially floor lamps. And this one is sweeeet ! You don't need too buy a log lamp like this from a store, cause you can easily make one of this for yourself. Have any spare wood log that you can't fit in your fireplace ? Voila , Make it a lamp.
See the title ? It says spectacular, it truly is.

Spectacular Log Floor Lamp

Required Tools -

  • Plexiglas piece tube
  • Wood saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • LED light strip

DIY Instruction - IDlights

3. Modern Farmhouse Wall Planters

This is a simple but graceful DIY project that you can try. This can be easily done with the scrap wood that people usually throw away. Some hot glue and wood stain is all you need to suit up your naked walls for good.

Modern Farmhouse Wall Planters

Required Tools -

  • Saw
  • Glue
  • Nails

DIY Instructions - Shanty-2-chic

4. DIY Spice Rack

Time to surprise your wife. With this DIY Rack you can easily spice up your kitchen time. It can take up to 40 bottles of spices at most. Pretty useful, elegant and cleans up your big stash of scrap wood. Anikas diy life never fails to surprise me, Great job !

DIY Spice Rack

Required Tools -

  • Saw and your free time

DIY Instructions - Anikas diy life

5. Cutting Board from Any Wood

You can easily make this cutting board with any kinda wood. I usually prefer scrap woods for this kinda works. All you need is 2 hours of work and your free will to complete this task. People ! time to throw away the plastic cutting board you have. Try this, you won't regret.

Cutting Board from Any Wood

Required tools -

  • Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Sander
  • Planer
  • Clamps
  • Router

DIY Instructions - Fix This Build That

6. DIY Dog Food Station With Storage

I have a beautiful Golden Retriever named Buro. He is such a good boy. But kinda messy. Simple bowls on the floor used to work on him when he was pup but now they don't . After seeing the project of  Addicted 2 diy I've decided to do the same. It'll be a pretty good birthday gift for him too.

DIY Dog Food Station With Storage

Required Tools -

  • Miter Saw
  • Support hinges

DIY Instructions - Addicted 2 diy

7. Upholstered Bench DIY

Hairpin legs are always beautiful. We used to have one of this in our house but it was a square table. It really boosts up your interior exquisiteness. Homepolish did this step by step DIY woodwork project pretty decently.

Upholstered Bench DIY

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Sanding Block
  • Staple Gun
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Hairpin legs

DIY Instructions - Homepolish

8. DIY Wine Rack

Wines are man's best friends, isn't it ? This wine rack easily covers up the empty walls you have and gives your lonely wine bottles a shelter to live in. This decorative wine rack is really smart and decent. Another great work of Shanty-2-chic.

DIY Wine Rack

Required Tools -

  • Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun

DIY Instructions - Shanty-2-chic

9. DIY Wine Cabinet

This is another great way to store your lonely wine bottles and glasses. That X Wine storage is cool and saves quite a lot space which actually shapes the cabinet. By following these easy simple steps by Addicted 2 diy you can easily make this wine storage for your home. Cheers.

DIY Wine Cabinet

Required Tools -

  • Rip Cut
  • Pocket screws
  • Nail Gun

DIY Instructions - Addicted 2 diy

10. DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

This Plywood shoe storage is a great way to keep your shoes together and covers up the empty spaces that you have in your entry way. The four chambers for boots are pretty neat and the rest of the cabinet can easily go along with it too. Its a pretty decent design for your home and quite easy to make it too. Another great DIY project from Shanty-2-chic.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Required Tools -

  • Pin Jig
  • Drill
  • Rip Cut
  • Circular Saw

DIY Instructions - Shanty-2-chic

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