Hello Fellow Woodpeckers ! What time is it ? . . . . .
It's . . .

Oh wait, you don't have a clock ?

Just kidding. Everybody has clocks in their house, Duh ! I have 5 clocks around my house, and guess what ? I didn't buy any of them. Why waste money when you can make a beautiful clock for yourself ? Nowadays clocks aren't just a time teller, they play a huge role in decoration and renovation. But i know what you are thinking. You are thinking, how to make a wall clock from scratch ? Where will i get those DIY wall clock kit ?

Worry not my dear (hold my beer), as I present a handful of DIY clock ideas, Have I made it clear ?

Hopefully you'll love these beautiful ideas and instructions to make a brand new clock of your own.

Cheers !


1. DIY Domino Clock

This clock is easy, simple and handsome. All you need to do is, gather some Domino blocks, a round cutting board and a clock mechanism. And the rest of the process is just easy and simple. Assemble those tools to get your desired design. If you are a lazy guy like me then you can also buy this clock from here. Doesn't cost that much. But i suggest to build it by yourself. Follow this simple steps by Sadie Season Goods to make one of your own.

DIY Domino clock

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Wood Oil
  • Domino Blocks
  • Adhesive
  • Clock Mechanism

DIY Instructions - Sadie Season Goods

2. DIY Scrap Wood Clock

Scrap wood projects are a treasure. Sometimes they can offer a better texture and design than brand new solid wood. And that's why I just love scrap wood projects. Beside getting rid of those leftover rusty scraps, it also sharpens your improvisation and innovation skills. Basically you can turn any kind of things into a clock. With a clock mechanism and some numbers your clock is ready to go. I love this kind of easy DIY projects. Great job Cotten Tales.

DIY Scrap wood clock

Required Tools -

DIY Instructions - Cotten Tales

3. DIY Clock with Roman Numeral

Another neat and graceful DIY clock idea. Those roman numerical looks pretty sweet with this pre-made wooden round board. You can either buy one from any Home depot or can make one of your own. You can use round cutting boards or serving boards for this. After painting the board with your desired color, you either can apply numerical sticker decals or metal numbers. Go ahead and try this one.

Required Tools -

  • Pre-made round wooden cutting board
  • Clock mechanism
  • Numerical sticker decals or Metal numbers

DIY Instructions - Handmade-haven

4. Modern Wall Clock DIY

I suffer from a severe dilemma. Most of you guys have it too. Its . . .

Buy or DIY ? Haha !! Anyway. .

This wall clock is super easy and economical. And I just love the little pieces for the numbers. They look awesome. You can use numbers too. If I were you, i'd use numbers, but fewer. Another cool DIY project by Sarah Hearts, brilliant as always.

Pink Elo wall clock

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Round Cutting Board or Serving Board
  • Adhesive


DIY Instructions - Sarah Hearts

5. Colorful Clock DIY

This 12 sections colorful clock was made from a wooden plant stand. One of the best improvisation I've ever seen. It certainly looks cool and peaceful. You can find similar colorful clocks in the stores too. But if you wanna build this beauty by yourself then you can follow Happiness Is Home Made's step by step instructions.

Colorful clock DIY

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Spray varnish


DIY Instructions - Happiness Is Home Made

6. Mid Century Starburst Clock DIY

This clock came straight out of my grandma's mid century guest room. But the design is actually more modern than these days. Classic designs are pretty neat and awesome. The bold and elegant look can really renovate your living spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Clock

Required Tools -

  • Skewers
  • Clock
  • Spray Paint
  • Loctite

DIY Instructions - Reality Day Dream

7. Wood Clock from Electrical Reel DIY

This is absolutely fantastic. Turning a huge electrical reel into a beautiful clock is a pretty damn hard thing to do. You'll find this kinda similar rustic vintage clocks in the stores too. And they are pretty inexpensive and adorable like this one. But if you wanna make a rustic clock just by yourself then you can follow these easy DIY instructions by The DIY Mommy.

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Orbital Sander
  • Paint Brushes
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Adhesive


DIY Instructions - The DIY Mommy

8. Rounded Half Circle Clock DIY

This one is my favorite. That's why I've selected this as a featured image. That blue is the color of my heart. One of the most perfect color contrast between the wood texture and the color. I recommend you all to make this beauty by yourself. If you wanna buy it then you can find it here also. Pretty cheap and sturdy. Best DIY clock in my opinion. Hats off.

Required Tools -

  • A Clock Kit
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter's Tape

DIY Instructions - Almost Makes Perfect

9. Mountain clock DIY

Time to conquer the mountains. Don't worry, you don't have to be Sir Edmund Hillary to make it. Put your ice picks down and grab some plywood and clock movement kit. And follow these step by step instructions by Planet Green Recycle. Great work they have done, Great design.

For similar product, click here.

Mountain clock DIY

Required Tools -

  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Scroll Saw
  • Sandpaper


DIY Instructions - Planet Green Recycle

10. Strap Hanger Clock DIY

This is another circular cutting board clock and this one has a little vintage touch to it. The leather strap is on the money. Firmly on the position and supporting the clock. There are lots of similar designs in the store that you can find. But this one is a beauty. Hope you'll give it a shot.

Strap Hanger Clock

Required Tools -

  • Leather Strap (Color choice is yours)
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Power Drill
  • Screwdriver


DIY Instructions - The Lovely Drawer

11. DIY Honeycomb clock

You can create this beauty with the most minimal efforts. If stencils are your thing then this will be pretty easy for you. I recommend you to use spray paint instead of acrylic paint. That will give you a perfect finishing. You can try different designs like this too. Hope you'll try it. Cheers.

DIY Honeycomb clock

Required Tools -

  • Drill
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Spray Paint


DIY Instructions - More

12. Wood slice clock

It's the perfect 'Time' to build a clock. I just love the way how The Summery Umbrella has created this amazing clock out of a simple scrap wood slice. Stylize your home in the smartest way. Simple and powerful.

Check out similar product here !

Wood slice clock

Required Tools -

  • Wood slice
  • Clock mechanism.

DIY Instructions - The Summery Umbrella

13. Epoxy Coffee Clock

Have you ever seen an epoxy poured clock with coffee beans in it ? Me neither. This is a beautiful piece of art. Those big cracks and rotten areas were covered pretty cleverly with cool epoxy pourings. This is how you improvise like a boss. And the coffee beans texture adds an extra punch to the scene. Great job Lazy Guy DIY.

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Epoxy Coffee Clock

Required Tools -

  • Clock Movement
  • Ceramic Sanding Belt
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Acrylic Craft paint
  • Finishing Oil

DIY Instructions - Lazy Guy DIY

14. Barn Wood Clock

I've always been amazed about the art of randomization. With some random scrap barn wood you literally can create something beautiful just like this. And this project is way too easy and flexible for enthusiasts like you guys. Though prefer clock with decals on it, but you can easily keep it clean if you want to. Loved it !

Feeling Lazy ? Check this out !

Barn Wood Clock DIY

Required Tools -

  • Clock mechanism
  • Jig Saw
  • Sander

DIY Instructions - Hazel and gold Designs

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